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    2021 top 4 profitable skills to learn in Lagos and Nigeria


    2021 top 4 profitable skills to learn in Lagos and Nigeria

    In lagos of today, the only way to survive the rage of unemployment is through skill acquisition. Acquiring the best skills is what will distinguish you from the crowd.

    Nigeria is a country without no work in other to make money there are some skill needed to know. 2021 top 4 profitable skills to learn in Lagos and Nigeria

    1) Programming/Coding ability
    Coding is learning any of those skills; fortran, Java, C++, Python, MySQL, Oracle, HTML, etc. I designedly embrace algebraic language as a result of it absolutely was what I used and still using along with C++ for my analysis work.

    Though it’s an old language it will create a great deal of distinction in your life if you learn it.Coding is also important for rising technologies like increased reality (AR) and computer game (VR). coding can give AR and VR Developers with the inspiration skills required to develop following generation of AR and VR technologies.

    2) Digital marketing
    It is the business processes concerned in promoting and commerce and distributing a product or service using digital technologies.

    Digital marketing is categorised into online and offline promoting. i will suggest that you simply browse Neil Patel’s articles on Digital marketing. Reading his articles can kick-start your journey in learning this nice ability that has the potential of creating you an quality.

    Digital Business Analysts area unit at the epicenter of digital transformation projects. They assist organizations develop a digital system of technologies that may help drive digital transformation and business growth.

    3)Digital design and data visualization

    Websites, Apps, and Digital Services have one thing in common; a user interface. Any designer with expertise making effective, dynamic user experiences are in high demand with most school firms.
    Designers may visualize advanced information to assist management create important business selections. This ability is to decision information visual image.

    Information visualization is helpful for senior leaders to achieve valuable insights from information. Tools like Tableau and Power bismuth are utilized by designers to analyze and visualize information.

    4) Social Media

    Some of the simplest PR nowadays is administered nearly completely through social media. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and innumerable different platforms provide school firms direct access to customers, thought leaders and evangelists. the simplest school PR managers are Social Media managers.


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